Is Your Mouth Kissably Clean? Here Are 3 Quick Tips To See

Is Your Mouth Kissably Clean? Here Are 3 Quick Tips To See

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Do you have a dirty mouth? Chances are, you might and don’t even know it. Those close to you sure do, though. Why take chances? Here are a few steps you can take to test your breath for yourself.

LICK YOUR WRIST – That’s right! Though this is the least reliable since you lick with the tip of your tongue. The areas that harbor the foul bad-breath smell are more toward the back of the mouth. Lick the inside of your wrist, wait for it to dry and then smell.

SPOON IT OUT – This is the best method. Take the tip of a spoon and scrape some sediment off the very back of your tongue. Be careful not to gag yourself! Wait for it to dry, then take a whiff.

FLOSS AWAY – When you floss, try to smell the string. Better yet, floss the bad stuff away, and then try a second floss. If there’s a nasty smell still lingering, you know you have more work to do.

TRUSTED ADVISORS – You could, when all else fails, or if you don’t have a spoon handy, ask a close friend, or a child. They certainly know how to be honest.

Dr. Phillip Katz is an advanced trained General Dentist in Pickerington, Ohio. He studied dentistry at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and has amassed hundreds of hours of advanced training in the areas of dental implants, veneers, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. He provides dental services to patients in Pickerington, Columbus, and surrounding Ohio communities.

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