PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: Toxicity Of Denture Creams One More Reason To Toss Them

PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: Toxicity Of Denture Creams One More Reason To Toss Them

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Who wants to smear with messy dental creams that most of the time aren’t 100% effective anyway at keeping dentures in place.

If you’ve been putting off getting rid of dentures in place of more permanent options, now might be the best time to rethink it because of the latest findings on the toxicity of dental creams.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently on this issue, laying out how zinc, although an essential nutrient, can cause neurological disorders when overexposed to it.

Some of the symptoms reported include: numbness and weakness in the arms and legs; urinary tract and bladder infections; mental cognitive decline; and blood disorders. And it hasn’t just been long-term users who have experienced these effects.

From a health perspective, and because of the cumbersome nature of caring and maintaining dentures, we may see them becoming obsolete one day, replaced by alternative options, such as implants.

As your dentist, I’d like to remind you that I’m here for any questions you may have and your dental cream. As well, I’m happy to discuss with you different — permanent — options that will allow you to throw those dentures out the window.


ABC News Report: Did Doctor Delay Denture Cream Research?

You can read more from the Wall Street Journal report by visiting

Read the FDA notice sent to denture adhesive manufacturers

Here is a copy of the Neurology Reference that was used in the study

Dr. Phillip Katz is an advanced trained General Dentist in Pickerington, Ohio. He studied dentistry at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and has amassed hundreds of hours of advanced training in the areas of dental implants, veneers, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. He provides dental services to patients in Pickerington, Columbus, and surrounding Ohio communities.

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